Let me ask you a question? Are you looking for information on how to restore or fix your credit? Are you looking at various website, CD's and books? You could be just tired of getting denied for the finest things in life like a car, home, personal loan for school, cell phone, or a business loan. You may just want to improve your overall credit score.

​Personal Credit Restoration, starts with the status of your own credit reports.  You will learn about the law and your rights as they apply to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The end result is to help you restore your credit profile and become debt free!

CLASS 1                                   HOW TO READ YOUR CREDIT REPORT

CLASS 2                                 HOW TO DEAL WITH CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES

CLASS 3                                  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT CREDIT REPAIR

CLASS  4                                 FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT 1971,1977

CLASS  5                                  UNITED STATES CONSUMER CREDIT BILL OF RIGHTS

Course #2 -   DEBT SOLUTIONS


 Debt solutions, will then assist you in achieving your wealth goals. ”This course will assist you in reducing your current debt AND building wealth, developing your personal financial success and ultimately maintain control of your finances for the future.

 CLASS  1                                  CREATING YOU A POSITIVE CASH FLOW IN 3 MONTHS

CLASS    2                                  REDUCING YOUR DEBT IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS

CLASS    3                                  CREATING CREDIT SCORE OF 700 PLUS  LESS THAN 9 MONTHS

CLASS    4                                   PRACTICAL STEPS TO TAKE TO CREATE EXTRA $1000 PER WEEK INCOME

CLASS    5                                    STAYING OUT OF DEBT TO BUILD WEALTH



                                                                               There is an old Chinese proverb...

  *Tell me--I will forget.

                *Show Me -- I may remember.

                    *Involve me -- I will understand.






Every journey begins with a step. Now, you can take that step whenever you're ready with our new "Rolling Semester" program. Don't let calendars get in the way of your educational journey.​

"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."



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"The sense of accomplishment I felt after completing my Debt Reduction Credit Repair courses was great!"


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